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The alternative end date of 1832 is due to these Reform Bills that started the shift away from a monarchy system. This Britannica article explains them as a good overview.

Sometimes NPR is just so good that you can’t even believe it. Here they have amassed a curated playlist of Bastille Day-themed songs that are pretty heavily linked to the French Revolution – I mean, that is what the day is named after.

Charles Darwin-Related Cool Stuff About Evolution!


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Master Storify – Confessions of a Romantic Period Reader

Reflecting upon a day well spent,

Observing daffodils, and grand mountains, as I went,

I felt a strong sense of emotion, as I saw nature, in all of its glory,

Embodying Wordsworth’s rules, as depicted in this bedtime story.

The Romantic Period, as you soon will learn,

Saw numerous literary forms, concepts, and writers, including lots of poetry.

Lasting from 1789, with the French Revolution, until 1837, when Queen Victoria claimed the throne, one may discern,

The Romantic Period was a significant era in history.

More to Learn About the Victorian Period


Are you passionate about English literature? Does Victorian Era writing provide you with a thrilling feeling about all that there is to read and discover, regarding the period? If so, here are resources which provide even more information to learn about the glorious Victorian Period!

Here is a phenomenal introduction about books, and publishing, during the Victorian Period! Though there is information from just outside of the period, this site is excellent, as it depicts what led to the era, and the influences and events that occurred during the Victorian Period!

Do you like to discover new things? This amazing site features several groundbreaking inventions, discoveries, and plans, which saw their conception during the Victorian Period!