Twitter Project

Here is a link to my Victorian Period study guide.

Romanticism Twitter study guide

Hey guys! As one of the tweeters for this period I’ve put together a study guide on the website Padlet using the tweets of my fellow classmates and I. The study guide opens up with the beginning of the Romanticism period and the start of the French revolution in 1789 and ends with the rise of Queen Victoria to the throne in 1837. The guide splits off into two sections: the history of this literary period and the literary elements of it. Enjoy!

Link into it  here!

Restoration Period Padlet

Hey y’all!

As a Tweeter for this part of class, it was my job to put together a synthesized study guide of all the tweets from our discussions.

In making this, I really wanted to incorporate discussions about both the literature we read, but also the history we discussed. I made a timeline of both, literature below history, and aligned them so the reader would be able to focus on either history or literature, but still be able to view both and how they fill in with each other. For me, knowing the history of the time while I’m reading a text always helps me understand the piece better.

The timeline begins with my first tweet from class, featuring a very excited Jonah Hill, and moves into the branches. All the big events or when something was published are prefaced with the date, all of which are listed chronologically. From there, I attached more notes of the things we talked about the most in class discussions. Above the literature timeline is the history timeline, where I put in the dates and events that were going on in England that we talked about in class, from Charles II taking the throne in 1660 to the French Revolution erupting in 1789. I color coded things, history in red and literature in blue, for an easier read. I also connected the posts together, main event/publishing dates connected to each other, and each discussion point connected to the event/work they were about.

This Padlet (linked here) was a labor of love, and I hope you guys like it!

Padlet – RestoraTwitter

As a tweeter, I did the Twitter narrative project. I worked on gathering tweets throughout the hashtag from myself and peers.

I went through the hashtag for our class, #en2490, and grouped it on the narrative as by work, which is each color coded, and then webbed together through primary themes and quotations and analyses that our class discussed throughout the class periods. At the very bottom and all the way left of the narrative, I have a few sections that are color coded in white, which symbolizes the common themes that we discussed, and are then linked to the works that are in different colors.

For more gathering on my thought processes, just follow the lined web of each section and color coded area of the picture narrative.

It begins all the way to the left, just as any other reading, with a positive and uplifting gif from the professor, showing her excitement for this class. Looking down from the top left of the Padlet, it then moves into the themes of the Restoration Period. Looking on the same plane as before but to the right, it’ll begin with the prominent readings of the time period and the color coding, and is grouped through the timeline of what came out first, ending with what came out last.

Below is a photo of my Padlet, but it’s also possible to follow the link, to see the full work. Following the link will also allow clicking on each section to show the full tweet.