The Clash of Religion in 17th Century England

In the 17th century the King and parliament clashed over religion and religious powers.

This article by Tim Lambert describes the clash as well as many other political events that were effective in the religious opinions in England.


Baroque Music of the British Isles

During the Restoration period, Baroque music was the most popular. It is known to bridge the music of the Restoration period with Medieval and Renaissance periods. The word Baroque is an English word taken from the Italian word borroco which means bizarre. This article, Baroque Music of the British Isles, further explains Baroque music and highlights important musical figures. Included below is a sound clip of what Baroque music sounds like.


Restoration Quick Finds


Image from History Extra


This is some information about portrait paintings from The Met Museum. It’s loaded with links to paintings.

British Library has a few pages about food culture by the century, and it even briefly talks about power structures and how they influence food culture!

History Extra has a longish article about fashion in 17th century London, but it’s worth the read! The clothing is about as lacy and poofy as you’re imagining.

There’s lots of info on the web about culture throughout history.