Victorian Project

Brit Lit Victorian App

Here is the link to my pitch for my new app: Victorian Leap. In this app the goal is to recognize texts and be able to pick who the author is, the date it was written, and the name of the piece. At the same time there is a fun aspect to it where you will be able to use a launch pad (if you’re familiar with the video game Madden- the launch pad resembles this) and aim while at the same time avoiding jumping snakes in the rivers and under the logs.

Enjoy. (:

Romantic Period- Poetry

During this time period, people stopped writing formally, and about things that are more factual rather than personal based. People started gravitating towards writing about things like nature, and what their personal feelings and opinions are. Some notable writers during this time include, William Wodsworth, Samuel Taylor Coleridge, John Keats, Percy Bysshe Shelley, and Lord Byron. These people wrote about their feelings and found ways to connect their feelings with the natural world around them as a way to make their writing general enough for more people to relate too. This was a time period when people were writing with creative thoughts rather than logical thoughts, which is very exciting because what would poetry be if it was purely factual – boring. It would be boring.