Romantic Period Quick Search


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The alternative end date of 1832 is due to these Reform Bills that started the shift away from a monarchy system. This Britannica article explains them as a good overview.

Sometimes NPR is just so good that you can’t even believe it. Here they have amassed a curated playlist of Bastille Day-themed songs that are pretty heavily linked to the French Revolution – I mean, that is what the day is named after.

Restoration Quick Finds


Image from History Extra


This is some information about portrait paintings from The Met Museum. It’s loaded with links to paintings.

British Library has a few pages about food culture by the century, and it even briefly talks about power structures and how they influence food culture!

History Extra has a longish article about fashion in 17th century London, but it’s worth the read! The clothing is about as lacy and poofy as you’re imagining.

There’s lots of info on the web about culture throughout history.