Goblin Market Close Reading

In this poem “Goblin Market” by Christina Rossetti the goblins represent evil or possibly Satan. The fruits represent the forbidden fruit that Adam and Eve ate in the garden of Eden. This is made very clear in the first stanza of this poem, especially when the goblins say “Come buy our orchard fruits, come buy, come buy” They are trying to lure innocent people into buying their fruits in order to corrupt them. In the first few lines, they are talking about luring maidens in to sell them fruit. In this age women are seen as very innocent and naive, they would be very easy to convince to eat the fruit that is forbidden in this case. There are also several words used in order to make the fruit seem more desirable to the women. At first all of the fruits are all described as plump and then in the middle of the stanza it is said that they are “All ripe together in summer weather” I do not know about anyone else but I personally really like all fruits that are typically ripe in summer. They just seem more sweet and juicy at that point. There is also the fact that they describe some of the fruit in a sexual way in order to make it more appealing. They say, “Figs to fill your mouth” Honestly, this whole poem seems to be a parody of the fall of Adam and Eve. The goblins are Satan and all the fruits that they are selling are forbidden to the maidens that might be tricked into eating them. It is also a narrative poem so it seems more like a story then a poem to me.

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