Goblin Market

In this passage beginning at line 475 Lizzie returns to her sister Laura with her takings from the Goblin Market. Although she has found the fruit to ensure that Laura may live and regain her youth Lizzie sacrificed herself in the process being taken advantage of by the many Goblin men and their forbidden fruits they forced upon her. She states “Must your light like mine be hidden” showing this venture to the market was indeed of dark intentions and ultimately sacrificial of her youth and innocence in order to aid Laura. The images of light and dark contrast one another in a way that imitates good and evil; Paradise lost and the curse of mortal men then seems to play a part in the fate of the sisters. It then states “undone in mine undoing and ruined in my ruin” showing her humanity and the ultimate “blame” one could place on humans for their own ill fate. The images of the fruit restoring her from a sultry drouth and her tears “dropping like rain” reiterates the idea that fruit and the fertility it insinuates despite the dark sacrifice of innocence to reach it are essentially a part of nature and the existence of the race. The natural images of fruit and nature to describe these biologically human traits seems to pay homage to the garden of Eden; the contrast of barren and dry in comparison to the forbidden markets which are fruitful and restoring. It seems to point out a lack of total control the human has to in the end take part in its own doom as a race. Without the fruit Laura would die but in order to keep her alive and save the humans or in this case her life Lizzie makes the ultimate sacrifice; her innocence.

One thought on “Goblin Market

  1. Rach, we’ve got a lot of different themes here! Light and dark, fruit, fertility, etc.–all fascinating! What do you want to argue specifically about one of these themes in the poem? Also, don’t forget to proofread and follow MLA formatting before posting! 🙂


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