As members of a public university, we will be sharing our ideas and projects in a public forum this semester. Your ideas, your writing, and your creativity are part of a larger web of scholarship and thinking about British Literature, the humanities, and digital technology. As such, we will be sharing our work on our course blog (psubritlit2) throughout the semester.

Technology in the Disciplines:

This course satisfies the general education Technology Connection component. In the modern world, technology has application to every academic discipline, and educated people must have an understanding of technology that will allow them to adapt to rapid technological change. Students take a three-credit Technology in the Disciplines (TECO) course specified as required for the major. This English course is taught within the discipline and will help students examine the role of technology within English fields and within a larger societal and cultural context. This TECO course will provide students with hands-on experience using current technologies; with a broad understanding of the concepts underlying current technology;; and with an understanding of forces, based in the need and values of our culture, that drive technological innovation.



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